Lucid Commercial Design is a full service design company specialising in, but not limited to, commercial interior design. With over two decades of experience in retail, hospitality & commercial interior design, founder, Phil Tindall started the company, based in Christchurch, New Zealand,  in 2003. Lucid is a vehicle to deliver his vision of market-focused appropriate design to  businesses that need to give their customers a memorable experience. Phil's passion for design goes beyond interiors and Lucid's catalogue includes many examples of furniture, product design and architecture.
Phil's many years of experience in the design field have seen him work in  retail design, salon, clinic & pharmacy design, kiosk, office, bar, café & restaurant interior design, product, furniture, residential architecture, kitchen & joinery design


Why Lucid?

Lucid means to think and speak with clarity. It means easily understood, intelligible.

Design communicates, design speaks. Nowhere is this more vital than when it speaks for your business.

Good design is LUCID. It speaks clearly in a language that your market, your customers understand. Good design understands who your customers are and communicates your values, your uniqueness and why they should choose your business or product over the competition. Every way in which a customer interacts with your business should be considered and consistent, reinforcing your brand as a positive experience.

When COOL is not enough.

While it is good to be aware of fashion it is not enough to slavishly follow it. Lucid offers versatile design
with solutions unique to your business and your market. Appropriate design won't see you looking like a clone of your competition.

Give your customers a reason for noticing and selecting you ahead of your competition. Be prepared to stand out.

 How can Lucid help me?

In a nutshell, return on your capital investment. We aim to get your business and product noticed by your target customers. This is achieved through innovative design that is appropriate to your particular needs, strong documentation that clearly communicates the desired result to the construction team and follow-through to ensure a quality result.
"We look at design as a problem-solving exercise," says Phil, "And solutions are inevitably found in fully understanding a client's needs and what motivates their market. Formulating the best possible brief is crucial to this, so that we can know exactly what issues they need addressed, and precisely the benefits they are looking for.
Then we think as laterally as possible to develop a solution, which works on multiple-levels. It must be practical, flexible, inviting, cost effective, evocative of the brand, distinctive and exciting …a complete combination of function and aesthetics. At the end of the day, design is an investment in your business, which you should expect a return from. The feedback we get from our clients shows that we are achieving this for them.”

What our clients say about us:

"Thanks Phil. You've provided us fantastic value and have made my job VERY EASY!!"

Ian Walsh

CEO Property Brokers


“We are so pleased with Phil’s design for The Reading Bug. His professionalism stood out from the moment we received a thorough timeline breakdown, right through to the completion of our project, on time!  He was more than happy to accommodate our (sometimes changing) design needs.
Most importantly, for us, his design is outstanding and this is reflected in how well the shop floor works, continued feedback from our customers, and the attention our store has attracted.”

Fleur and John Fanselow

The Reading Bug


“We soon realised that we were very fortunate to have chosen Phil for this job. He has a good creative eye, but also understands the customers' needs. We virtually accepted all of his recommendations in terms of his design and layout, and are very pleased with the results. His ability to project plan and ensure deadlines were met within budget was impressive.

He liaised with the developers, suppliers and trades people in a calm, considered and professional manner which instilled confidence in all parties.We would certainly utilise Phil's services again if the need arose, and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone.”

Duncan Mackenzie

Energy Projects Manager

Solid Energy NZ Ltd


“I am very pleased with the end result. The shop works very well, even when we have 4 or 5 customers at a time. It is a really nice shop to work in and I have had a lot of favourable feedback from customers.

Sales are going well and we are ahead of our budget at this time. Thank you for all the thought and hard work you have put in to achieve such a great shop”

Judy Andrews

In Step


“We certainly appreciated the way you were so easy to work with. Believe me; if we ever decide to expand further you will be top of our list to work with again. We get constant feedback from regular customers and staff that it looks great!

Again, thank you.”

Mike Turner Shelley Musgrove



“I found Phil to be incredibly understanding of our needs from the very first meeting and he delivered on his promises throughout the project. He held our hand through the entire process of developing a new concept retail shop with an in-store café .We were very green and needed the highly professional touch that Phil contributed. Our business won a National and International award for the concept, branding and general innovative designs that were created both in-store and externally.”

Alan Butts

Founder of G4M


“In design circles they say that "form follows function". If you’re busy focussed on your business and wanting the design work done for your project on time, consistent with solid design principles and with creative flare I suggest that your project follows Lucid Design. I have worked with Phil on a number of projects and each time he has delivered big time.”

Guy Pope-Mayell
Cookie Time Limited / eTime Limited


“Euphoria has now built three stores using Phil’s design, two under his new company; Lucid. We have stuck with him because of his commitment to us as clients, his attention to detail and his user-friendly approach. He listened to what we wanted to achieve with our new outlets and delivered a great looking design that was practical to build and performs well in the field. I would not hesitate to recommend Lucid Design to anyone in need of a top class design service.”

Mark Gardner