HOSPITALITY – Need someone to design your restaurant or your cafe? Lucid are expert designers of all hospitality businesses including bars, fast food outlets, hotels & motels, backpackers, lodges. We offer full commercial kitchen planning and procurement.

HEALTH & BEAUTY - Health and Beauty industries need to provide a welcoming environment both for their clients and for their staff. Lucid understands this and the need to create highly individual spaces to support the unique activities of the business concerned. It is important that these work spaces project a professional image that inspires confidence but at the same time they should not be intimidating. Whether it is a hair salon you are planning, a health spa, a pharmacy, a dentist or doctor’s practice or a health store, Lucid will provide a unique, well adapted space for you to interact with your clients.

RETAIL DESIGN -  Lucid has broad experience with all types of retail, including fashion, apparel, giftware, pet shops, footwear, florists, cosmetics, just about any type of specialty store you could name. The guiding principles of retail design remain constant through all categories; the product is always the star!

COMMERCIAL - Whether it is an office layout or a showroom, planning and presentation are vital to successful companies.  Lucid will consult with you and your staff to fully understand the flow and dynamics of your business. The available space will be configured for maximum efficiency and styled to strengthen you brand. This will have benefits for your clients and your staff.

KIOSKS & TRADE DISPLAYS – If you want your product or service to stand out from the crowd in an open space it will need help getting noticed. Bold design is called for reinforced by strong signage and accent lighting. Lucid will design you a kiosk or display stand that will be visible from afar, easy to understand and practical to operate. Trade displays are no problem as we can design and build these for your next exhibition or trade show.

FURNITURE DESIGN – Furniture has long been a passion for Lucid’s founder, Phil Tindall. Experimentation with form has led to many one-off pieces, which have been widely exhibited over the years. Needless to say this passion goes into the detailing of commercial fitouts which require original design and functionality. 

PRODUCT DESIGN– Home ware, industrial design, product design, packaging.

SHOPFITTING & JOINERY – Shop fronts, counters, wall displays, gondolas, kitchens, built-in joinery, stairs.





GRAPHICS & SIGNAGE – Graphic & logo design, 2D signs, illuminated & 3D signs, shop fronts, in-store graphics, sculptural features, menus.

LIGHTING DESIGN – Retail illumination, shopfront lighting, feature lighting, workspace & office lighting, museum lighting, display lighting, bar and restaurant lighting, theatre lighting.


3D CAD models are routinely used to communicate and test design concepts. No more wondering what you are getting!

 Freelance modelling support offered at competitive rates


Clear and detailed drawings to communicate your design and all its details. Easy to read and understand, contractors appreciate them.

Consent documentation.

Freelance  documentation  drafting support offered at competitive rates


All the above services delivered remotely, anywhere in the world with internet access and reasonable English.

Metric or Imperial not a problem.

Competitive exchange rate.

Overnight response for Northern Hemisphere.


CONSTRUCTION PRICING – Tenders, competitive quotes, budgets & estimates.

PROJECT SUPERVISION – Construction oversight, site supervision, consultation.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT – Project plans, Gant charts, sub-trade coordination, program enforcement.

TURN-KEY CONSTRUCTION – Full design-build service available. We offer a complete design-build service, because there is nobody better to run your fit out project than the guy that designed it.